Welcome pack

Welcome pack : to travel safe and relaxed to Latin America

You found your internship, congratulations!
Now it's another story: the organization of your trip and your life on the spot.
So that you don't feel lost, alone in the coming steps, we help you on all subjects: Visa, housing, security, health, integration...

In Latin America, you don't have "reference" price for a particular type of service; you have everything at any price. To avoid scams, here is our selection, benefit from the best prices with a quality service, thanks to our intermediary. 

Includes :

  • complete guide of your country with all info : visa, health, security, links to find your accommodation, advice...
  • airport pickup
  • appointment with our local ambassador to answer all your questions
  • connection with the waïno community

3 advantages to subscribe to these services :

  • Avoid surcharged 
  • Save time
  • Increase security

Book for 99€

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This service is available for following destinations : Colombia - Perú - Mexico - Chile