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95% say that their internships have impacted their vision and professional ambition

Students choosing an internship with Waïno earn 3 essential assets for their future professional career :

  • International perspectives
  • Autonomy
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

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I was very satisfied with the service you offer. It is complete, has allowed me to find an internship easily as well as accommodation. A local person even picked me up at the airport, which is a great help when you arrive in a country you don't know at all.
The internship was great! The startup I was working in in Chile is a company that allows its interns to be fully involved in their projects and the team is really cool. I had the chance to live 8 months in a country rich in culture and with absolutely magnificent landscapes! Waïno was a great help in finding this internship. Since my internship ended I came back to France to finish my studies, but it has allowed me to reinforce my desire to start and leave again to travel abroad.

Internship in Chile



My experience in cape town marked the beginning of a year full of travels for me. Over the past year, I have been able to travel to Cape Town, London, Lisbon, Vancouver, Hong Kong and I have just returned from Bali.
I think Waïno started this desire for discovery in me and I can never thank you enough.

Internship in Cape Town 



I went to Iquitos for 3 months, in the Peruvian selva. As part of my studies, I went on to do an internship, which allowed me to obtain my DUT in Biological Engineering with an option in Agronomy. I worked in a rescue program (illegal trafficking, pets, poaching), rehabilitation and release of wild animals.
It was a very rich experience, at all levels: social, professional, cultural and personal.
I learned a lot about myself, others, my surroundings, and the world. And above all, this internship and life experience on the other side of the world proved to me that I wanted more than just a simple life. Now I live in Argentina. 

Internship in Iquitos (Perú)


I did an internship at a Franco-Argentine architectural firm in Buenos Aires and it completely changed my future (and I too at the same time). I went without speaking too much Spanish and without knowing the country, a little bit adventurous.

It was the first time I had left alone and so far away, but it didn't worry me because I was often in contact with Waïno, and they saved me from a big mess that had just arrived there!
My internship was really great, I learned as much professionally as personally and it allowed me to confirm what I wanted to do later. The mentality is totally different from that in France (for the better!), which is why I feel I have learned a lot more by doing an internship abroad than in France. My team gave me a lot of freedom which helped me to be more mature. Besides, the working atmosphere has nothing to do with the one in France, we watched football matches during the World Cup, there was always music... etc
this experience has changed me a lot, I have a much more adventurous taste and I have gained self-confidence professionally. Moreover, this internship helped me to find work when I returned to France since I have been working for several months for an architect next to the courses. And as for my future, I plan to return to Buenos Aires to continue my studies in architecture

Internship in Argentina



I feel that I have forged an adventurous soul, and I am now thirsty for discovery. The journey forges the mind, I have seen it for myself.
Moreover, as far as language practice is concerned, it is undeniable that speaking with locals is the best way to improve your level.
There would be a lot to say about what an internship abroad can bring, so I think the best way to see this is to experience it yourself.

Waïno was able to offer me this opportunity, because I don't think I would have been able to find an internship on my own in my field, as the offers are becoming more and more limited.

Currently in last year of Master studies, this experience made me want to leave again, and I am writing to you from Malta where I am doing a 6-month internship.

Internship in Colombia


I did a break internship in the country's main startup incubator, during which I was able to support young entrepreneurs in their marketing and communication strategy.

After finishing my studies in Argentina, I decided to go back to Peru to start my own startup, since now a year and a half. This choice in my professional career is largely due to my internship with Waïno.

Without Waïno, I would never have taken the risk of doing an internship on another continent, let alone in Peru. Without Waïno, I would not have discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, and I met all those people who now guide me in my adventure. This internship changed my vision of Latin America, my vision of taking risks and developing my sense of autonomy, and especially my vision of life.

I am now happy to continue the adventure that began 3 years ago with Waïno. I recommend that all young people leave to discover these emerging countries which, I am sure, will leave wonderful memories and be rich in experiences.

Internship in Perú

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