Health Insurance for your international experience

Going abroad with an Insurance : an obligation?

For your studies, language course or internship overseas, leave well covered by choosing an international health insurance.

That is not an obligation for your employer to offer an insurance and your national insurance won’t be sufficient to cover you in the event of a simple illness or accident once you are there!

Medical expenses abroad can be very expensive. For example, in the USA, a benign operation will cost you €4,000 a day in intensive care, a sore throat in South Africa will cost more than €100 and if you have to go to emergencies in Latin America, you first step will be to pay for the all the care before you are taken care of.

What kind of insurance for your international stay?

Your insurance needs to cover unlimited medical expenses with no excess

We recommend you to ensure you insurance includes : 

  • coverage at 100% in real costs 
  • repatriation assistance 24/7
  • unlimited hospital expenses with no excess

Chapka insurance

After studying the different existing offers, for those who are currently looking for insurance, we recommend the "cap student" formula of chapka.

You can make a quote directly in Chapka's website. 

international health insurance